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Love at First Sight - for derrybean

told from the point of view of Niall Horan

I love the Irish Festival. Every year my family and I go and we always have a blast. This year, however, was very special. Since I came in third place on X Factor with the lads, I was invited to be a judge for the talent contest they hold every year. It was such an honor, because I remember as a young lad performing in the same contest, singing my favorite songs. It would be quite different on the other end.

I invited Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam to accompany me on the judging panel. We were the only judges this year; the organizers of the festival thought five would be enough. We had just arrived and were getting settled at our table in the Ireland sun. Harry and Louis were fooling around, as always. They were teasing me because I’ve never had a real girlfriend.

"Hey Niall," they’d always say, pointing to girl who was not very attractive, "she looks like she could be your future wife."

I would always laugh it off, but sometimes it got annoying getting teased. Of course I liked some girls, I just wanted to wait for the right one to give my heart to.

And today, I would find that girl.

The contest began at noon, and we judged some very fine acts. Some were singers, others played the guitar or piano. But only one act really struck me. We were about six acts into the competition when an emcee announced, “Our next contestant’s name is Luile, she’ll be playing the tin whistle.” The tin whistle, I thought. That’s different. The girl walked onto the stage, and she was beautiful. Her eyes were two of the most stunning pools I’d ever seen. She began playing, and she was wonderful. I must have looked smitten because Zayn nudged my elbow and winked at me. When she was finished, I applauded her. Judges typically don’t applaud, but I did anyways. She looked at me and smiled, and I knew I had to see her again.

The next few acts dragged on, and I wanted so badly to see Luile face to face and tell her she was beautiful and that I wanted to see her again after this day. When all the acts were finished, the lads and I conferenced to see who would be the winner of the competition. The winner would receive a date with the boys of One Direction and a large, shiny trophy.

"Guys," I started as soon as the emcee ushered us to begin conferencing, "Luile, the girls with the tin whistle. She has to win. I need to see her again. Did you see her? She was beautiful!"

"Calm down, Niall," Harry said, "we all thought Luile should win anyways. She was wonderful."

I smiled, reveling in the fact that I would get to see her again. Once we gave the sheet of paper with Luile’s name on it to the emcee, he announced her name and she made her way up onto the stage again with a beaming smile on her face. We all gave her a hug, and I whispered into her ear as I hugged her, “I want to see you later.” She looked a little taken aback, but she smiled and nodded. 

A few minutes later, after she saw her family and celebrated, she found me by the judges table talking with the lads. 

"Did you say you wanted to see me?" she asked tucking her hair behind her ear. I could tell she was nervous.

"Yes, I did. Luile, you are stunning. And I know you get a date with the boys of One Direction for winning this competition, but would you be up for walking around the festival for a little while? Just you and I?"

She nodded, and I grabbed the hand of my love-at-first-sight and we spent the rest of a fabulous day together.

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